4 Jun 2017

Out with the Old and In with the New

What on earth is this blog post all about?  I've already announced to the participants of the Wacky Watercooler Blog Hop that May was the last blog hop which I would be hosting.  I've found that there are so many demands on my life that something had to go.  Unfortunately, the Blog Hop was that "something".  Despite only being a once-a-month affair, the planning and set-up involved was a huge drain on my time.  And, truth be told, my energy level still hasn't returned to normal since that emergency hospital stay in January.

So, I'm the "old" that is going out.  The "new"?  Well that would be Jean Fitch.  Almost four years ago Jean was the originator of the Wacky Watercooler Blog Hop.  A few months into the hops, a combination of computer problems and ill-health caused Jean to hand over the mantle of responsibility to me and that's the way it has remained ever since.  

For the month of June, the blog hop will be on hiatus.  In July, however, you can expect the Wacky Watercooler Blog Hop to begin again under the capable handling of Jean Fitch.

I hope you'll come back and support the blog hop in the same way that you've been supporting it for the past four years.  

It's been fun.

Love you all,
Heidi Weaver