23 Oct 2014

The October Wacky Watercooler Blog Hop

Welcome to our October Wacky Watercooler Blog Hop.  This is an exciting time of the year.  In a few days the kids will be out Trick or Treating for Hallowe'en.  After that, in the United States, there is the huge Thanksgiving celebration.  And then we head into Christmas.  We're keeping all these things in mind as we present our fabulous creations to you.  Prepare to be inspired.  We have some awesome artists in this group.

This month we have eleven participants who will be appearing in the following order:


Our blog hop is a circular one.  Whether you start at the beginning or the end, whether you begin partway through, inevitably you wind up where you began.  Like a ring, the circle is complete and never-ending.  Of course you can "jump off" at any time, but we trust that you'll find our hop so fabulous that you continue right on through all eleven blogs.

We hope you''ll enjoy October's blog hop.   Bookmark our site and join us in November for more wonderful ideas and projects.

If you have a moment, please leave a comment on the blogs you visit.  It's always exciting to hear from our visitors.

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