11 Dec 2014

The Wacky Watercooler December "Best of..." Blog Hop

Welcome to the final Wacky Watercooler Blog Hop for 2014.  It's been a busy year and we've had a lot of wonderful response to our Blog Hops.  Thank you so much for coming back each month and for making our Blog Hops such a success.  We appreciate your loyalty and interest.

This Blog Hop is going to be slightly different from the others you've seen.  This time we've set three challenges for ourselves, the result of which is our version of "the best of...".  The first "best of..." is a particularly interesting challenge.  Each of us had a name drawn and that was the person whose blog posts we searched to find what we each considered "the best of..." for that person.

The second "best of..." is for our choice of the best of Stampin' Up! retired products.  That was a lot of fun, revisiting some of our favourite products which we've stashed away, not being willing to let them go---yet!

The third and final "best of..." is for our choice of the best of Stampin' Up! current products.  You'll see that in this case as in the others, we all have different opinions of what products are the best.  See if you agree with our choices.  Let us know in the comments.  It will be fun to discover what your choice of "the best of..." would have been.

As usual, our Blog Hop runs in a circular fashion.  No matter where in the list of participants you begin, inevitably you'll wind up in the exact same place again if you keep going to the "next" blog.  It works the same way whether you conform to the usual forward movement through the blog posts or if you're a rebel and work your way through backwards.

This month we have thirteen participants from various spots in the United States and Canada with one talented poster coming to us all the way from Germany where her family is currently posted with the military.  As a result, you'll see a lot of different and diverse projects since we are all affected by our surroundings.

Without further ado, here is this month's list in order of appearance:

We hope you enjoyed our version of "the best of...".  We had a lot of fun.  May your Christmas be filled with happy surprises and the warmth and love of family and friends.  We hope to see you again in 2015 when we will unveil the wonderful new products from the Occasions catalogue.

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Queenie Jeannie said...

Fantastic blog hop!!! Everyone really outdid themselves! :D