5 Mar 2014

Pinch Me! The Wacky Watercooler March Blog Hop is almost here!

Have you heard?   The Wacky Watercooler March Blog Hop is coming!

March 13-15

That's right!  Save the dates March 13-15, because there is another awesome blog hop coming in just over a week. 

15 Stampin' Up bloggers this month will be looking to jump start your creativity and inspire your March Madness.

Anything current is fair game this hop.  From St. Patrick's Day, to Easter to basketball to...I'm so ready for Winter to be over will be fueling our hoppers entries.    Blogs will be reporting in from the USA, Canada and tada...Germany!   Yep...we've officially crossed the pond this hop.  Not to worry...our German entry is a militarily misplaced American so no translation utilities needed...unless of course you are joining us from overseas yourself...in which case...Google Translate is your friend. :D

See you for the Hop!   Tell your friends...the more the merrier.

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Heidi Weaver said...

Jean, the green is keen. ;)